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For all your audio fanfiction related needs!

Welcome to dw_podfic, a community that's here to serve the greater good. Ever found yourself reading a fanfiction where you're a little pressed for time? Or that you've been lying in bed at night wondering what happens next? Or how it would be to listen to your favourite story on-the-go? Just imagine the prospect of having fic stowed away on your iPod for lazy days, boring meetings and the odd night where you just can't get to sleep. That's what we're all about: a place for you to find your favourite fics, in audio format! You can browse easily by author, reader or category to find your favourites, and perhaps even some you didn't know about. Here's how it works:

What to do

As an author: You've written your fic. It's taken you days, weeks, months or possibly years and, finally... you can sit back, safe in the knowledge that your epic saga is, at last, complete. But something still nags you. You're not quite ready to let go of your favourite tale just yet, you want to do something... more. You want it to be heard, not just read. So, what do you do? You come here and loan your fic to us as the Drop-Off Donation post, where it's sure to get snapped up straight away. Or, if you prefer, you can make a direct request to the community by filling out the appropriate header below.

Anyway, once you've got yourself your reader they will then save/edit/produce the recording, then upload it (to megaupload, for example) and submit to us, right here (with credit, of course)! Voila! All your regular readers are now able to hear your wonderful tale in audio format. Ain't that grand?

Of course, if you want to read/record for your own work you can just cut out the middle man and upload to us straight away. For the readers of your work, there's nothing like listening to a story that's read by the very author you love ;) No idea how to do it? Have no fear: our step-by-step guide should at least get you started.

As a recorder: You're going to be one of two people.

1) You've done this all before. You come from a background with experience of editing audio/video so you know your stuff, you know which end of your microphone plugs into yoru computer, you know the software, you just want to get started! Well, the easiest thing to do would be to check the fics donated at the author Donation Posts. Once you see something you like, claim it (if it's not been claimed by anyone else) and get to work like the busy bee that you are! Remember that sound bytes, should you want them, can be found here. (Also remember to upload a clean narration as well as a sound byte edited one :)).

2) You have no idea what on earth to do. You've heard podfic, you've seen it being done and you're really quite interested but intimidated by the whole idea of doing one for yourself. You should start by checking the 'How To'... post (which we recommend to everyone really, it's nothing if not helpful) to get at least a foothold in this nonsense we refer to as podfic. You might want to practice on drabbles or short pieces first, just until you're more confident. There's nothing wrong with jumping in at the deep end (enough of us here did), but if you're nervous about it just take it slowly and steady. And if you're really stuck, just drop us a line at the FAQ page. We're sure to help :)

Regardless of who you are in this scenario, once you have your saved podfic, upload it to the internet then fill out the appropriate header below to post it to the community. If you're a first-time poster you'll have to wait for your post to be approved by a mod. Once it is, however, you'll be free to post whenever, and you'll also get your own little reader's tag to tag yourself with when you post. Neat, eh?


Here are the headers we expect on entries from the volunteer readers (that is, the post made directly to the comm once a fic has been recorded) and authors requesting a reader for their fic:

This is the header to use if you're posting up a recording
Read by:
Length and Size:
Audio Download Link:
Link to fic:
Brief Summary (as provided by author):
WARNINGS (if any: if not, don't include it in the header):

This is the header for authors requesting readers for their fic
Length of fic:
Work in Progress or Complete?:
Brief Summary:
Other Notes:

You can ramble comment in your posts as much as you like (in fact, the more the better!) but we do ask you put whatever you have to say behind a cut. Unless it's a brief P.S., or something, in which case you're probably fine :P No need to worry about us chasing after you with pitchforks. You can learn what an lj-cut is and how to use it here.


Yes, it's time for the section that nobody likes and even less pay attention to. It's the rules. I'll try to keep them brief.

1. THIS IS NOT A FANFICTION POSTING COMMUNITY. I cannot stress this enough. Please do not post links to your works here, at any point, unless you're including an audio link. Nobody comes here to read, they come here to listen. So heed the rules. 'Sides, if you don't, I'll ban yo' ass ;)

2. Be civil to each other. If you don't like a recording that's your problem, not the reader's. Please don't make comments like "Ugh, what a crappy reading" or "This story sucks!" and such. It does nobody any good. And it'll get you banned.

3. This community is open to all. That means whatever era of Who you're from, whoever you ship, whatever you write, you are welcome here. Consequently, it also means that we don't accept bashing of ANY sort. 'Bashing' is considered painting a character in a purposefully negative or derogative light. It's a no-no here, as in most places.

4. This community is only for DW fandom. All spinoffs should go to their appropriate communities (such as, for example, tw_podfic for Torchwood podfics) and RPF is definitely not allowed. Crossovers are, of course welcome - no matter which show or what degree Doctor Who is involved - and we welcome anything else with open arms :)

5. Entries are also moderated. Once you're a member you'll have posting access, but for the first post at least you will have to wait until it is okayed by a mod. Sorry about this, it's just an easier way to keep on top of things.

6. Be courteous! If you download/save an audio file, thank whoever read it (and whoever wrote it!) for doing such a kind thing. It takes a long time to record a fic, and even longer to write it!

7. Tag your posts, people. There's a reason they're there. A comprehensive list can be found here. It's only so that others can find your work, you know ;)

8. Please take heed of our Golden Rule, details of which can be found here. Anyone who breaks this rule will have their future posts put on moderation. Which we don't particularly want to resort to! :(

9. Enjoy yourself here. Fics are made to be enjoyed by the readers and, if it weren't for you guys, fandom would be fairly empty. We love you. So remember it! (:


Though these aren't rules (as in, you won't get 'sanctioned' for not following them :P) the following are advised as common courtesy and shall probably be updated as the community flourishes. You're well advised to keep track of them :)

1. Although this is a 'podfic' community, suggesting it's the idea to upload your fic in m4b format - the format that iPods used for Audiobooks - many users will not have iTunes. The default uploading format should be mp3, with any extra formats you want to add thrown in as separate download links.

2. It is strongly advised that you check out our 'How To' post. This gives detailed instructions on how to record podfic, how to add effects, and what to do with it once you're finished. It's a great place for beginners to start and learn how to contribute to the community.

...Well, that's extensive! </sarcasm> :D


Got a question? No problem; just leave a comment here and a mod should be with you shortly.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mods



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